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"No Utopia around the corner ... I wanted to see your Utopia, but now I see it is more of a Fruitopia." – Stephen William Hawking (1942-2018).
Will we land at croptrust.org, frozenark.org, moonvillageassociation.org or flood.firetree.net? When to reach reducing-suffering.org, or even avoidance? More than 1 million years went by since before Wonderwerk.

Well, evolivisation starts at the beginning. Let there evoke wisdom from the minor and the elder wing, or the other and the unspoilt thing, says Ada Lovelace, Emmy Noether, Lenore Jacobson, Robert Rosenthal or Wolfgang Amadeus. Constructive, piece by piece, without benefit to cease, that which can be done to stay, before tomorrow yesterday: 4444 Eutopias. Huge family on for ages run, could you be a reasoning able one? For all who won't deny fundamentals of a hearty benevolent rock, the "workforce of 8 billion beings should count enough to save the destiny of the universe" was one hopeful response to an elemental message, transmitted in 2016 towards North Star. No, Gaia owns more. Billions & billions & billions of living things × 365 days × 64 bits ×× 128 qubits, at least.

Eurybia, Rhea, Rainforest & One Remedy

Biogeny teeming under air on little world so rare. Lucky bipeds cultivate a mind and how much more than jungle kind. No Golden Age my globe could fare but did one ever care. That many paths to blissful integrity when only nature would restrict some knee. It's all there, simple toys, cause in the end  your choice ...


Let here be perpetual solutions thinkable, scaling, comprehensive, universally encompassing talking life. Visit a machine room in the Fairness & Integrity Factory Unlimited. The axiomatic framework defines preconditions + requirements. No procedure or value precept, decision, resolution process, or operational principle of the whatever to evolve can violate these.

Now one might conceive clearer of a first raw version for the metarules machine.  Democracy of Best Technical Match.  Make it better, please:
everybody can extent, correct, transform the automaton.

More True Democracy Initiatives

When demands grow will follow activities. "1748  legal designs in 113 countries" knows  direct-democracy-navigator.org; yet still these are localized special case examples mostly. Citizens and orgs in North America could use the regulationroom.org: representatives would open select rules change points to near-prompt commentary, of which some could influence or even influx. BetaNyc also reaches past mere petitions.

Or how about deciders voicing just what people them tell to, not anything else. This century saw the rise of Direktdemokraterna in Sweden, Partido X in Spain, the Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency of Canada, Australian onlinedirectdemocracy.org, a Net Party running on Democracy Os in Argentina, the vTaiwan/pol.is. Register with loomio.org or discourse.org and have your word in the Thing.

A next step sounds like Nabú: "It starts from an objective and reflects constantly all the information people say, creating group consciousness. The final purpose of Nabú is to write consensus documents. These documents are the result of everybody's opinion and the generators for real actions."

Yes and global or domain-wide charters, best practice compendiums, evolvable Golden Rules is a useful initial category to found wise prospective epoch of salvation, happiness and the beautiful garden. Let there bloom working tomorrows agendas from, for and with the living things here. If global-ethic.org, earthcharter.org, freeworldcharter.org, or the inclusive constitution-for-progressive-ethics, such quest shall integrate whom anyhow it concerns.